What is VINPOP?

VINPOP is an organic wine and champagne flavored popcorn snack.VINPOP is for those who enjoy a light, crunchy, whole-grain snack made with real wine and champagne, along with a touch of sea salt and organic sweetness. VINPOP comes in 5 flavors – Champagne, Chardonnay, Pinot Noir, Rosé and Plain. Be on the lookout for other flavors and special editions in the future!

What are the ingredients in VINPOP?

  • 100% organic non-GMO popcorn
  • 100% organic extra virgin non-GMO avocado oil is used to pop the kettle corn
  • Wine sourced from California, and real Champagne sourced from France
  • 100% organic non-GMO cane sugar
  • 100% organic non-GMO chickpea powder
  • Sea salt 

    VINPOP is:

    • Organic
    • Non-GMO
    • Vegan
    • Gluten Free
    • Whole Grain
    • Soy Free

      Is VINPOP organic?

      Yes. All VINPOP ingredients are 100% organic with the exception of the sea salt and wine/champagne. Organic ingredients make up more than 95% of the finished product. 

      Is there any alcohol in VINPOP?

      Although more than 99% of the alcohol is evaporated out during our proprietary cooking process, leaving behind the just the natural flavors of the real wine and champagne, VINPOP may contain trace amounts of alcohol.

      Are there any allergens in VINPOP?

      While VINPOP is produced in a nut-free facility and contains no known allergens (gluten, milk, eggs, soy, sesame, and fish/shellfish), some people may have allergic sensitivities to the tannic properties in red wine.

      How many calories does a bag of VINPOP contain?

      VINPOP is a light snack containing only 115 calories per serving (2 servings per bag) for the Plain flavor, and 190 calories per serving (2 servings per bag) for the wine & champagne flavors.

      Does VINPOP contain any saturated or trans fats?

      VINPOP contains no saturated fats and no trans fats because we use healthy 100% organic extra virgin avocado oil to pop all of our products.

      Why is a bag of VINPOP so expensive?

      VINPOP is a premium snack brand using only the finest, all-natural, organic ingredients. We believe you deserve only the best! As Chef Mills says, “If we cook clean, you will eat clean!”

      What is the serving size of a bag of VINPOP?

      There are 4 cups of popcorn in each bag of VINPOP (2oz. / 56.7grams) which makes 2 servings per bag (1 oz. per serving). As VINPOP is light in calories, either sit down and enjoy a bag to yourself, or share with a group of friends!

      How is VINPOP made?

      VINPOP is made from a proprietary, secret recipe developed by Chef R.C. Mills.

      Where is VINPOP made?

      VINPOP is currently produced, packaged and distributed out of Los Angeles, California.

      Is VINPOP sustainable?

      VINPOP only works with suppliers that align with our core values to support long-term ecological balance, maintain natural resources and not harm the environment.  

      Where can I buy VINPOP?

      At specialty retailers and hotels, as well as online at Amazon and VINPOPsnacks.com.

      Can I ship VINPOP?

      VINPOP currently ships anywhere the U.S.A.

      Can I place a bulk order for an event/wedding/etc.?

      Yes. Email us directly at hello@VINPOPsnacks.com.

      Are there plans to roll out more flavors/varietals?

      Yes. In the future VINPOP will look to rollout new wine flavors, combinations and limited editions so be on the lookout!

      Where can I follow VINPOP?

      On Instagram (@VINPOPsnacks), Facebook (@vpsnack) or online at www.VINPOPsnacks.com.

      Where can I contact someone at VINPOP?

      You can reach us at hello@VINPOPsnacks.com.